Why do Kids Play Rugby?



Play is an important part of kids 

growing up healthy & happy, 

and . . . they seem to love it!



What's better than grabbing a group

of your closest friends 

and overcoming any obstacle? 

Rugby friendships last a lifetime.



The confidence, discipline and network of teammates, coaches & friends that are gained by participating in sport 

help propel kids higher in life.

Chicago Youth Rugby Alliance

What is Chicago Youth Rugby?

We are a network of women & men who are active rugby players, coaches, parents and sponsors committed to growing the greatest game on earth in the greatest city in the world.

Rugby 101

Basics of this game that is 

the favorite activity of 

kids aged 4-94 the world over.

Seems complicated but actually it's simple enough even a child can do it!

Girls Aged 4-18

The rules of the great game of rugby are the same for women and men. Quite literally a girl can face and overcome exactly the same challenges as the boys.

Boys Aged 4-18

Boys have become men playing rugby since 1823 thru the lessons of leadership, integrity and confidence. Be a part of almost 200 years of tradition.


Find out how rugby and education complement one another.

Events Near You

What rugby fun is coming soon to your area?

Player Safety


Player safety at every level from youth touch to international competition is paramount for every parent & coach. Rugby is the most active and progressive sport in protecting it's players the world over. Have a safety question? Get an answer from a certified coach that will explain how rugby protects it's players.

CYRA Sponsors


All Chicago Youth Rugby programming is generously supported by our corporate and private sponsors.

What can I do to help?


Have a passion for this great game of Rugby? Want to give back to the game, but not sure how? We can help match your skills & interests to needs in your community. 

Contact Us

Want to get involved or need a little help finding a club? Drop us a line and we will get right back to you.

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Chicago Youth Rugby

4606 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60025

(847) 219-9665