Academic Scholarships


Rugby is the Fastest Growing Sport in the US

Each year more and more institutions of higher learning are adding rugby to their athletic programs, and many offer very attractive financial aid packages or scholarships for rugby players.

Olympics & National Pathway

As an Olympic sport, rugby is gaining more and more attention in the US each day. As such, the US national team has become increasingly competitive and both the women's and men's national teams are now ranked as some of the best in the world. Players on the national teams get to play all over the world and explore the sport they love. Pretty sweet!

Want to compete at the highest levels of athletics in the world? With some dedication and hard work, maybe you can even represent your country as it competes for Olympic gold!

Employers & Recruiters love rugby players

Trying to spice up that college essay or give your resume that little nudge to get you the job?

Employers tend to love rugby players because as a group they are tough, smart, work well in teams and are some of the hardest workers who aren't afraid to roll up their sleeves and get the job done.

Rugby helps employees advance quickly within their organizations, and many leaders of industry & politics are former rugby players: Mark Cuban, Presidents Bush & Clinton as well as Ted Kennedy & Newt Gingrich are a few you may have heard of.

Chicago Youth Rugby has programs to help students get to the next level

Chicago Youth Rugby uses tutors, mentors and counselors to help student players maximize grades and placement test scores, as well as navigate the applications & paperwork of getting into college.

Know a student who needs a helping hand to get to the next level of their education? Contact us for more information.

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